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Adventures in becoming an Accidental Design Addict - Episode 1: So, you’ve found yourself in a new home?

Posted by RM on Apr 2nd 2021

When I was a young woman, my fiance, now husband, and I moved into a home that was roughly double the size of any home I’d ever grown up in. My parents were never much for home decor - there w … read more

Light Bulb Types & Uses

Posted by Erica Littman on Feb 19th 2021

With a large variety of types of light bulbs available for sale, it can feel overwhelming as to which bulb to choose for which situation. Here is a helpful guide! LED Bulbs: LED (light-emitting … read more

Tips for Optimal Bathroom Lighting

Nov 6th 2020

Whether you are shopping for bathroom vanity fixtures or flush mount ceiling lights, Lighting Reimagined has your modern lighting needs covered. We have thousands of bathroom fixtures to choose from … read more

LED Lighting

Jan 15th 2018

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular for the home environment and for good reason. There are a lot of advantages to switching to LED lights, which is why more and more people are looking for … read more